Jay has served on active duty in the US Army for 23 years serving in various light and Airborne units and has settled in Indianapolis. Jay discovered rubber guard while surfing you tube videos searching for submissions from the back which led to his passion of learning the 10th Planet system and completely changed his jiu jitsu game. Promoted to purple belt by Eddie Bravo and a huge fan of the UFC, Jay competes in MMA events and jiu jitsu tournaments. He is a huge proponent of team esprit de corp, dedication, discipline, loyalty, honor and respect. However, everyone should leave your pride at the door. If you aren’t tappin’, you aren’t learnin’!! We are a team and we train with each other to help each other.

We are a family and we are here to help each other grow and become better practitioners!

***My promise to the team: I will attend all scheduled practices, tournaments, and MMA fights of my students barring an emergency. I will spar at the end of each practice with as many students as possible. I don’t care if you tap me out. Eddie says, “If your students aren’t tapping you out you are, either, not rolling enough with them or you aren’t teaching them anything”. My goal is for you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the 10th Planet system and be able to execute those techniques efficiently.

Please consider this your invitation to join us in the revolution as we foster the fellowship and growth of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu. See you on the mat!

What seperates Eddie Bravo's Jiu Jitsu from other styles is its innovation and evolution. Owing to their originality the positions he has created and refined (such as the rubber guard, the truck, and the spider web) are gaining growing momentum throughout jiu jitsu and MMA circles due to their effectiveness.